The NOODLE PlanTM is a common-sense strategic thinking process. It helps your team develop plans and ideas without fuss.  And it ensures you can put them into practice. That means you get the results you want. Simples! See how it works.

Sometimes strategy is unclear in organisations.  Often, strategy and plans are developed by a special type of senior person.  But, we believe anyone can be a strategist – and the best strategies involve everyone.

We reckon that The NOODLE Plan TM makes shared strategic thinking easy so the world works better.

The NOODLE Plan TM  was created by Surethought Ltd – a strategic planning and facilitation consultancy run by Emma Wootton. We run workshops in-house for your teams to learn the art and science of NOODLING. We are also available to professionally facilitate management off-sites using The NOODLE Plan TM.