Emma Wootton is the MD of Surethought Ltd – a strategic planning and facilitation consultancy that invented The NOODLE Plan TM. She therefore likes to think of herself as the original ‘Noodle Ninja’.

Emma is recognised as a vibrant, quick-thinking and engaging facilitator. She is frequently asked to moderate workshops, conferences, brainstorms and meetings at the most senior levels.

Emma has developed and delivered training courses in creative thinking, problem solving and marketing ‘big idea’ development. She experience in delivering group training and bespoke programs in the areas of brand positioning, corporate strategy, business planning and employer brand.

‘Emma is a talented and experienced facilitator. Not only does she grasp complex issues rapidly but she can also distil them into fun and engaging workshop/meeting formats, providing clients with valuable and useful outputs. Everyone needs an Emma!’ Emma Sergeant, President, DAS Europe, Omnicom

‘Bringing people and process together is often a complicated endeavour filled with egos, agendas and opinions. Emma has an impressive talent for keeping everyone engaged, focusing their energy and achieving desired outcomes. Most impressively, she is a great listener to what people both say and mean, and in turn is flexible as a facilitator, meaning she can pivot as necessary to still bring about the desired end result. I place great trust in her ability to lead and facilitate smart thinking.’ Marc Ducnuigeen, President, Integer